What's the story?

The story of QOS revolves around the three main characters: Brunhilde the Good Lich, Toki the Dragonslayer, and Yoshimbo the Sworn Protector, and their quest to track down a magical item of great value that was stolen by a dark and mysterious sorcerer.

Their trek takes them across a wondrous fantasy landscape boasting several unique levels to explore and decisions that change not just the levels you play, but the endings too!

What was that about a
lich, a dragonslayer, and a Yoshimbo?!


So, Brunhilde is a lich who uses her powers for good, Toki was once a noble fairy dragoon's corgi mount, and Yoshimbo is a ronin on a quest for redemption wandering the countryside.

Brunhilde the Good Lich
Brunhilde has been hunting evil for years, it is her passion and her meaning of life. This is so entirely true, she turned herself undead so she could fight evil forever! 
Toki the Dragonslayer

As most corgis, Toki grew up as a fairy warrior's mount. Trained to hunt dragons, she was an asset to the Fairy Court Dragoons. After a fateful event, Toki now wanders the countryside, looking for purpose.

Yoshimbo the Stalwart Defender

A wandering ronin from the Sand Kingdom, Yoshi is seeking redemption for an action he cannot forgive himself for...even if everyone else already has.

I want to know more about this crazy awesome sounding game!

Haha, glad to hear it! We will be releasing more info here and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Join the List and sign up to receive updates directly to your email or check-out the steam page and download the demo for yourself!