Who is King Crow Studios?

We are a bunch of indie developers out of the Louisiana Technology Park who are trying to make our name in the gaming industry. Our current two major projects, Necroball and Quest of Souls, are works inspired by the 90's era of SNES games. We hope our games tug on your heart strings as much as they do our's.


Shoot, summon, and slam your way to victory in this highly competitive sport amongst necromancers! Protect your minion horde and score the Necroball in your opponent's mausoleum to win the game! Keep an eye out for the ULTIMATE NECROBALL and score to summon the most powerful unit in the game.


The story of QOS revolves around the three main characters: Brunhilde the Good Lich, Toki the Dragonslayer, and Yoshimbo the Sworn Protector, and their quest to track down a magical item of great value that was stolen by a dark and mysterious sorcerer.

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