Kickstarter Prep!


This is the first entry in our Quest of Souls developer blog. Our goal is to post a weekly Wednesday update on how the development of our game is coming along.

Some of our topics might involve hurdles we encounter, breakthroughs in code or design, places we are going to be, and all sorts of other things to do with the game.

On that note, this week starts our first real push to start informing everyone about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign on March 31st. We are trying to raise funds to turn our part-time employees into full-time employees so we can get Quest of Souls to the public by the end of this year.

With the additional labor cost for programming, art, music, and marketing we are looking at needing $42,000. We are going to be offering all kinds of awesome incentives and rewards to help make the decision easier to back our game on Kickstarter. For the months of March and April we plan on showing off all the new assets we've been working on since our last big debut for Steam Greenlight at the beginning of December.

I'll be working with Josh Hano over the course of this week and weekend to finish creating our Kickstarter video and then we will be sending out the preview links for the campaign to mentors and associates to get feedback about what they like the most and what we can improve upon.

Thanks for reading this! We are all super excited!

Cody Louviere

Lead Designer

King Crow Studios

#game #questofsouls #kingcrowstudios #codylouviere #tokimaru #corgi #fantasygame

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