Team Member Spotlight - Josh Hano


Today we turn the spotlight on our main artistic source of creativity, Josh Hano of Starblade Games!

Josh helps Quest of Souls with sprite creation, graphic design, story assistance, game developer advice, and environment creation. I'm sure there are other things he helps us with, but that sums it up.

A total of nine years in the gaming industry, he has quite a lot of experience to draw from. In addition to creating all the assets for his own game, Nefarious, Josh works as an art mercenary among the other indie developers in Baton Rouge. Josh has done work for Pixel Dash Studios and BitFinity Games in the past and that is what led him to work with the Quest of Souls team.

When King Crow Studios was first forming and looking for an artist, a lot of the other game developers mentioned Josh's awesome art and all the hard work he had done for them in the past. This led us to track him down and pester him mercilessly until he agreed to help us with our game! Since then, Josh has been an integral role in our development process and we owe him a wealth of thanks!

Everyone works together so closely in the Level Up Lab, we wanted to put a part of all the other games in ours! Crow, the main character shown here from Nefarious, is making a special appearance in Quest of Souls as a miniboss encounter if you back our upcoming Kickstarter's Nefarious/Quest of Souls bundle tier! You'll also get the special encounter if you support the mega bundle we are going to offer with all the games from our Baton Rouge indie developer allies!

Our Kickstarter goes live on March 31st, so get ready to snag that Nefarious/Quest of Souls bundle!

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