Game Dev Life 2016

Hello everybody!

Today was pretty awesome for us. Matt Findley at InXile studios took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down and answer our unyielding flow of questions about his experience in game development and how to prep for a Kickstarter.

Their studio in New Orleans is really, really cool. Seeing a large scale team working so diligently was inspiring. One day, our studios will be that big!

Preparing for our Kickstarter is serious business. We want to do everything as best we can, so getting tips and tricks from such a large player in the success of RPGs really resonated with us.

The Kickstarter campaign begins on March 31st, so please tell your friends, family, and neighbors!

Today we are working on continuing work on the Kickstarter video and making cool new

graphical assets for the rewards descriptions.

We found out that Matt helped in the production of Boogerman, which is a pretty big deal because that was easily one of my favorite childhood games. Yes, I know it is crude, crass, and just overall childish...but the memories of having fun while playing that game stay with me today. Thanks for the memories, Matt!

On Monday we will discuss BitFinity games and their role in helping Quest of Souls have sounds!

-King Crow Studios

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