Team Member Spotlight - Matthew Taranto

Hello Everybody!

Today we want to turn the spotlight on our composer, Matthew Taranto of BitFinity Games!

Click the pic or here for a link to the video.

Matthew works alongside the Quest of Souls team in a shared creative office space called the Level Up Lab at the Louisiana Technology Park. The interview we did was in the sound studio provided at the LA Tech Park.

Matthew is known for his popular web comic Brawl in the Family and his upcoming game Tadpole Treble (Steam and Wii U release soon!). Matthew is a professional composer and church pianist when he isn't making games, composing video game music, or spending time with his family.

The LA Tech Park is a pretty awesome environment to be in for a fledgling indie group of developers, such as ourselves, because with people like Matthew around, we never feel alone in our goal to create a quality game.

King Crow Studios is very lucky to have stumbled upon this "gem in the swamp" for indie devs. Louisiana has a wealth of talented game developers and having a place for us all to work together and pool resources has been absolutely amazing.

This week our team will continue working on completing the Kickstarter video and hopefully we'll be sending out review links by the end of the week. Next week we will take the feedback received about our Kickstarter and polish it to completion while making sure our demo works on Steam.

Let us know in the comments if there are any questions you guys have about Quest of Souls, or anything in general and we will answer them next week!

May The Corgi Smile Upon You,

-King Crow Studios

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