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Hello Everybody!

This week we are focusing on finalizing the assets needed for our Kickstarter page, and getting the demo available on Steam.

Josh, Sam, Charity, and Colton have been working on icons, videos, and all kinds of cool new art to show off on the Kickstarter page. There was a lot of research that went into finding out what people liked about other successful Kickstarters and how to make sure we are offering enticing and unique rewards with fun and eye-catching graphics.

Josh, Sam, and Ken working in the office

Ken has been working on getting the demo authorized through Steamworks. It is in submission so we should hear something back soon.

We are lucky enough to partner with almost every other indie game company in Baton Rouge, and are offering their games in bundles with Quest of Souls in the Kickstarter on March 31st. In addition to that, every different bundle has a unique encounter that will be unlocked in Quest of Souls with a character from the other franchise.

Example: The Nefarious/Quest of Souls bundle comes with both games, AND you get to fight Crow (the main character of Nefarious) as a miniboss encounter in Quest of Souls! We want to highlight the other games in our community by showcasing their characters in Quest of Souls, and we think it is cool thing to do. :)

Other bundles include Tadpole Treble, Road Redemption, and Cyberpunk Casanova, each with their own unique crossover encounters in Quest of Souls.

Building a community of fellow game developers who recognize the passion this team has for game creation, and the drive to complete our goals, is how we've come this far. We want to emphasize the presence of game development in Louisiana in whatever way we can, so more and more game companies will want to move down here creating more game development jobs.

We have the developer community on our side, so now we are trying to build up the player community. If you know anyone that would be interested in Quest of Souls please share our Facebook page with them!

If there is anything you want to hear about Quest of Souls, let us know in the comments or on FB!

Thanks for reading!

-King Crow Studios

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