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Hello Everybody!

Today we have a video with Josh Hano & Sam Hardy, both have been in the office creating assets for the Kickstarter. I know we keep talking about the Kickstarter, but that is really what we spend almost all of our time doing right now. We are dedicated to making it a success and that means a lot of hard work!

Josh Hano, of Nefarious fame (and the dev blog from two weeks ago), is a great mentor for fledgling video game developers like Sam Hardy. Sam is a local LSU student with aspirations of full-time video game development in her future. Sam interned for BitFinity Games while they were creating Tadpole Treble and was recruited to work on Quest of Souls by association.

Check out the video here:

We also have artists like Colton Kocemba, Charity Kocemba, and David Doucet working remotely and doing some great work!

Colton is working on a tavern scene with all the characters in it, and as a D&D player, the tavern looks like a place I want to adventure.

Charity is slinging pixels and has been creating some amazing pixel portraits! The same type of pixel portraits that will be available as a reward on our Kickstarter!

David has been knocking out concepts for creatures and characters for our Sand Kingdom level and they look so cool! Giant Scorpions and a Fearnix (vulture phoenix) are going to be some intense enemies to fight while wandering the sands.

As far as progress is concerned, we have our demo working on Steam. It'll be released the same day as the Kickstarter. The Kickstarter page itself is 90% done and when we finalize the video over the next couple days, the people on our mailing list will receive a review link to give us some feedback!

Thanks for reading,

King Crow Studios

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