More Artists!

Hello Everybody!

There are some awesome artists involved with Quest of Souls! We have our regulars, Josh Hano, Sam Hardy, Colton & Charity Kocemba, Evan Smith, and David Doucet, but we also have other Louisiana artists contributing to the cause!

Johnny Segura III has been helping us with story and promotional art. He will be doing some of the wallpaper rewards too!

Here is Toki slaying dragons!

Come see Johnny's booth at Cyphacon this year in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Quest of Souls will also be there on the gaming floor showing off our demo!

Another Louisiana artist, John Martel, contributes his amazing talent to help the Quest of Souls characters come to life! John is working on unique art for each character with a totally different style to represent their individual nature and demeanor. So far, we have this absolutely beautiful piece of Yoshimbo's past!

Yoshimbo the Ronin

Yoshimbo's story and style are heavily influenced by the movies of Akira Kurosawa and Japanese woodcut paintings. We worked closely with John on what kind of feeling and emotion we wanted for the piece, and his beautiful imagination did the rest. We are insanely happy to see the next work of art he creates for Quest of Souls, starring Brunhilde!

Our feeds will soon run forth will magical works of art!

Lastly, we have received some emails asking us about what our studio looks like, so here is a video showing off the creative workspace called the Level Up Lab at the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We get to work in a shared office environment which fosters a very strong community presence that we are lucky to have.

Keep the emails coming! If you want to know anything about what we do you can contact us at [email protected]!


-King Crow Studios

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