Necroball releases on January 10th!

Hey everybody!

We’re finally ready to share Steam Early Access launch information for Necroball! Since being voted through Greenlight last month, we’ve been finalizing the last few gravestones and corgi bones to have our Alpha version of the game ready to go. We’re pleased to announce Necroball will be available for purchase through Steam Early Access on January 10, 2017! Also, for those eager to jump in at the beginning, Necroball will be on sale for 30% off during launch week.

Necroball will be launched on Early Access in its current Alpha state. There are so many things we want to add to the game and, with your feedback, will truly make it THE competitive sport amongst necromancers. We’re expecting to move into our Beta milestone within 6-8 months of Early Access launch and here are a few things you can expect to see added to the game during that time.

  • Two new unlockable characters

  • Three new arenas

  • Character ultimate abilities

  • A more polished upgrade system

  • Fine-tuned character mechanics

  • A finalized, sleek user interface

Again, we truly want to thank everyone who has supported us and Necroball over the past few months. Everyone here at King Crow Studios is working very hard to make the game as fun and addicting to play as possible and we know you’re ready to get your hands on it. We’ll have another update closer to Necroball’s Early Access release date of January 10th detailing our launch plans. You only have a few more weeks to wait! We’ll see you in the Necroball arena!

-King Crow Studios

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